New Stock Collection: Me Time

Hey- check it out!

There are two- that’s right TWO- new collections in the stock. (Yay!)

They are called “Me Time” and “Healthy Start” and work really well together. I really love these collections, because the images can be used for a wide variety of people/uses. There’s tea, hot water + lemon, fancy floral matcha lattes, journal shots, and healthy, light breakfast scenes- all to get you in that quiet, contemplative state of mind.

You get images pre-cropped for your IG feed and IG stories so you’re ready to go for either application. AND I’ve exported the images to the best compression sizes for Facebook, Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories. Basically, that means the images will still show up nice and crisp once uploaded to the applications. Yay!

So, go ahead and get busy mixing these in with the content on your feed- cause you don’t have time to be coming up with a billion images every week/month. You need to spend time doing what YOU do best and leave the images to me, K?

As always, these bundles are priced ridiculously low (you’re pretty much getting all these images for what you would normally pay for just one image) because that’s how much I love you, and I’m passionate about making it ridiculously easy for you to blow everyone away with your visual branding.

Purchase collections right here in the stock shop.

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