When Instagram starts to suck

what happens when Instagram isn’t fun anymore, but you still feel you need to use it for business

I have a confession: Instagram stopped being fun for me a long time ago.

It pains me to admit it publicly. Oh- I’ve spoken about it freely amongst friends and cohorts, but to write about it on a blog that offers advice on branding and business for entrepreneurs? Feels a little blasphemous, doesn’t it?

The reason why it pains me so much is because I was an early adopter. I was happily uploading pictures of my coffee mugs with gauzy Hipstamatic filters long before any of my friends even considered getting a profile, let alone actually posting a photo (we’re talking years). I ADORED Instagram. And while there are still reasons to love it (Hey internet friends I met through IG! I’m talking to you!) overall, I’m just feeling kinda blah about it. Actually, more than blah.

The last several weeks I’ve actually made a concerted effort to stay away from it. And no, this is not a post where I just bitch about everything that’s wrong with it and long for the “way it used to be.” I don’t really believe in all that. Cause it is what it is. Things change. We can stay on the ride or get off. Our choice.

People are quick to point to algorithms, bots, authentic vs inauthentic accounts, etc as the “downfall”, but honestly, I still know lots of peeps who are having fun with the platform as it changes and evolves. It’s totally possible. I can clearly see that.

I know it’s an amazing (and still mostly free) tool for business- so we should be using it. Right? But I also don’t believe in doing things in your business that feel gross or draining. I’m the first person to tell you to cut that sh*t out.

I’ve seen people use it (in recent history- NOT the pre-algorithm glory days) to skyrocket their profiles and businesses. And I also know people who have zero social profiles while maintaining multiple 6-figure online businesses. There is no right or wrong answer. That’s the good news.

I just haven’t found a way forward for myself….yet. So I guess that’s what this post is about. I’m committed to not only sharing tried and true advice here, but also struggles, frustrations and growing pains. I believe that when we are vulnerable enough to show both sides of the coin, all of us grow further, faster. And I also know, that if I’m feeling this way, you might be too.

Right now, that looks like me not spending too much time in the app or sharing posts as I figure out what kind of content and rhythm work for me. This is definitely NOT me throwing my hands in the air, proclaiming it dead, ruined or otherwise and running away though.

I want to find a way to use it that feels aligned to ME. And I think you should do the same. We all should. Even as Instagram swings more towards the “real,” I know I’ll always share pretty things. Cause that’s who I’ve always been: A person drawn to and inspired by beauty. I also know I’ll never share every last detail of my life behind the scenes. I’m an open book to my close friends, but publicly? I’m much too private for all that.

So yeah, this is tricky territory to navigate given the current trends in social media. BUT… I’m done with being frustrated by all of it. Trying to “figure it all out.” My current mood is “flow.” I’m opening myself up to curiosity, fun and joy towards Instagram, and I’m waiting in eager anticipation to see how it all unfolds for me and my business.

I’d really love to know if you’re feeling the transition too- either good or bad. How have you navigated it? Are you showing up differently on social media? The same? Feeling like chucking it all? Let’s discuss in the comments below. :)

what happens when Instagram isn’t fun anymore, but you still feel you need to use it for business
what happens when Instagram isn’t fun anymore, but you still feel you need to use it for business
what happens when Instagram isn’t fun anymore, but you still feel you need to use it for business